Santa to make deliveries today

By: Staff report

FAIRMONT — Santa Claus will be making special deliveries for Fairmont residents Sunday, Christmas Eve.

Santa and his firetruck reindeer will roll through town beginning at 5:30 p.m. delivering gifts to children as part of the Santa Visits the Kids, an event started by former Fire Chief James Thompson and Commissioner Charles Kemp 14 years ago.

Residents who live within the town’s limits and wish to participate can bring a gift, or gifts, for their child, or children, to Fairmont Town Hall, located at 421 S. Main St., today, marked with the recipient’s name and the approximate time they want the delivery made. The gifts can be given to the downstairs dispatcher or left at the Water Department. Delivery at the requested time is not guaranteed.

Participants are asked to make sure the name and address is clearly marked on the gifts. To participate, contact Kemp at 910-628-7362, 740-0277 or, Fire Chief Vernell Freeman at 628-9766, Ext. 16, or Town Clerk Jenny Larson at 628-9766, Ext. 17.

Staff report