Lumberton girl to compete for crown

Staff report
Kimberly Prevatte -

LUMBERTON — Lumberton teenager Kimberly Prevatte will compete for the 2018 Miss Junior Teen pageant crown on Feb. 28.

Prevatte, 15, took part in an interview session that was conducted by the pageant’s coordinator. She will be competing at Queens University in Charlotte.

The Miss Jr. Teen division, one of four divisions, will include casual and formal wear segments, and interviews with the judges. If Prevatte wins the competition, she will represent her community at the national competition to take place in Orlando, Florida, where $30,000 in prizes and awards will be handed out.

Community businesses, organizations, and private individuals can assist Prevatte through sponsorship. Contact the Miss Jr. Teen pageant coordinator at 1-877-910-4190 to sponsor.

Kimberly Prevatte Prevatte

Staff report