Author rewarded for winning fights

By: Staff report

FAIRMONT — Phillip Stephens has recently been accepted as a full member of The Author’s Guild with the publication of his book, “Winning Fights: 12 Proven Principles for Winning on the Street, in the Ring, at Life.”

Founded in 1912, The Author’s Guild is the oldest professional advocacy organization for writers and accepts only traditionally published authors or self-published authors who have established a professional threshold of circulation.

Stephens researched the combat literature from 2,000 years ago to present day to produce the work. He also surveyed members of the 3rd Special Forces Group at Ft. Bragg, along with other warrior professionals for their input.

“’Winning Fights’ is based on principles, not techniques,” Stephens said. “Technique is important, but techniques change, adapt and evolve. Principles are timeless.”

The book is for pugilists seeking an edge in competition as well as soldiers and law enforcement officers facing conflict.

With a doctorate in Health Science, Stephens teaches subjects such as research methodology and evidence-based medicine to doctoral level students while working as a physician assistant.

Stephens is a fifth-degree Black Belt in Ketsugo Do Jujutsu. In 2002, Stephens won the Sport Karate Amateur International World Championship Self-Defense Division held in Panama City, Fla. In 2003, he was the silver medalist in the Self-Defense Division of the National Black Belt League during the World Championships held in Houston.

In 2013, Stephens was appointed to serve as a commissioner with the N.C. Boxing Commission, which regulates combat sports including boxing and mixed martial arts.


Staff report