Novel immerses reader in history, religion

By: Staff report

PEMBROKE — A local man recently published a book that combines religion with actual historical events.

Marshall Huey III authored “The Holy Quest,” a fictional novel that is set during the Black Plague.

“When I’m writing it doesn’t get stuck, it just flows,” Huey said.

This storyline takes place in the 14th century. Three children become orphans during the onset of the Black Plague at the end of 1348. The brothers in an island monastery take the two boys and girl in and agree to raise them until they reach the age of 21.

At first, they are in great emotional stress and are quite resentful of God. One monk becomes their mentor and eventually wins them over to Christianity.

Huey said he didn’t label the book as a religious because he didn’t want to limit his audience.

“It’s an interesting story with some interesting people but I sneak some Christian stuff in there,” Huey said.

Huey has also written “Aaron’s Journey: The Beginning” and “Aaron’s Journey: The Completion.”

Staff report