Library a great place to discover next chapter in life

I’ve always appreciated the value of a good book.

I can remember being younger and my interest peaking when getting lost in various stories and subjects. Trips to the library were fun, and learning about the world outside my bubble was amazing and intriguing to me. My mom especially had a eye to nurture that love of books when I was little, and I appreciate that and know how important that decision was. I can honestly say my love of stories and reading has inspired me in many choices with school and my career.

After graduating in 2016 from The University of North Carolina at Pembroke, I began to be in a bit of the post-graduate confusion and navigating phase — that place where you’re not sure what is to come up around the corner, but just hoping for the best. Aside from tutoring at Robeson Community College, I realized I still have so much more I want and kept looking for just that. Figuring out my next step in life and spending days at the library studying for the GRE, brought my attention to an open opportunity at McMillan Memorial Library in Red Springs.

Stepping into the position as branch manager in Red Springs has been a wonderful opportunity. I’ve learned so much and realize that being a part of a library is more than books. As a patron, you don’t often see the work and passion that goes into making your local library a place that matters. I’ve definitely learned and continue to learn that.

I also have a newfound appreciation of community and what it means. Children, families and adults are getting inspired and reading more and are willing to learn more. I’m happy to be a part of that, while learning more about myself. This opportunity to be a part of a community and to help others is a privilege.

This summer has been filled with meeting so many different people from all different backgrounds and each with his or her own story. It’s been great to be a part of a new community and to finally put names to faces.

Stepping in for Beverly Hinds is exciting and makes me hopeful to bring a piece of myself to McMillan Memorial. Working with the Robeson County Public Library staff has been great and makes me really appreciate what the library stands for in our community. It’s a place where one is never too old or young to indulge in the inspirations that can be found on the printed page.

It’s interesting where places can lead us, the irony of life being a real page turner. I’m excited to see what the next chapter of my book has in store.


Autumn Scott

Contributing columnist

Autumn Scott is the branch manager at McMillan Memorial Library in Red Springs.