SeHealth nurse reunites with stranger she helped in crisis

By: By Amanda L. Crabtree - Contributing columnist

LUMBERTON — Richard Mathis of Pembroke thanked Southeastern Health’s Diania Chavis on Aug. 31 for providing medical assistance to him on Aug. 16 when he was in medical crisis in the parking lot of the Zoning Department in Lumberton.

Mathis took to Facebook after his episode to ask for help identifying the nurse because he only knew where she worked. The next day, Chavis’ co-workers were describing Mathis’ post when she realized it was her that he was seeking.

“I am so grateful to be opening my eyes one more time and be able to write this,” wrote Mathis on Facebook. “I am so grateful to the LPN who saw me a few hours ago collapse to the ground as everything went white before my eyes and who came running … to tend to me. I am so grateful for her and the others who came running out from the Office of Zoning and Codes to tend to me, to check my pulse, to wipe me down, to keep ants off me, and to keep me from slipping into unconsciousness from heat exhaustion … .”

Chavis said she had never before been in a situation where she was required to give medical care to someone she did not know when she was not in her work setting.

“I love caring for others and would have done it for anybody,” said Chavis, who lives in Red Springs and has worked for Southeastern Health for two years. “I would also like to recognize the ladies of the Zoning Department because they were great during this too.”

Chavis exhibits the caring spirit of nurses who, even on their personal time, are ready to assist individuals who may need their help in a medical crisis.
She provided aid during medical crisis

By Amanda L. Crabtree

Contributing columnist

Amanda L. Crabtree is the Public Relations coordinator for Southeastern Health.

Amanda L. Crabtree is the Public Relations coordinator for Southeastern Health.