Lumberton couple deliver triplets at SRMC

By: Amanda L. Crabtree

LUMBERTON — Martin Davis and Vickie Jones, of Lumberton, welcomed triplets Mathieu, Macie and Michael into the world at Southeastern Regional Medical Center on March 28.

“We know for sure that this is the only set of triplets born at SRMC in 22 years,” said Renae Taylor, Southeastern Health chief nursing officer.

Because the babies were delivered five weeks early, the couple knew that the newborns would have to stay in the neonatal intensive care unit at the medical center for several weeks after their birth.

Macie, who was born weighing 4 pounds and 13 ounces, went home on April 15. Her brother Mathieu, who weighed 3 pounds and 2.5 ounces at birth, was released from the NICU on Wednesday; and their youngest brother, Michael, born at 3 pounds and 4 ounces, is expected to go home by Tuesday, which was the triplets’ original due date.

During her pregnancy, Jones was under the care of Drs. Donald McKinley and Breton Juberg, of Southeastern Women’s Healthcare. The doctors teamed up for the delivery and were assisted by a team of neonatologists, respiratory therapists and nurses.

The hospital’s NICU was renovated and upgraded to a Level II nursery in early 2017. The upgrade, along with a partnership with Coastal Children’s Services of Wilmington for dedicated SRMC-based neonatologists, provides highly specialized care for babies born up to 10 weeks early. This expansion means families experience less disruption during what is already a stressful time. Parents can stay near their babies as they receive specialized care, without having to travel.

“Before our NICU upgrade, we would not have been equipped to handle the birth of three premature infants, unless it was an emergency situation where transfer would not have been an option due to timing or the health of the mother or the infants,” Taylor said. “We felt confident that our current team and our resources would guarantee a safe environment for delivery and quality health care for the babies and the mother.”

“Everyone did great and everything went fine,” Jones said. “This is my hometown, and I’d rather be here than anywhere else.”

The triplets have three older siblings: Autumn Jones and Shenandoah Jones, and Sarah Wilcox.

“The babies amaze me every day,” Jones said.
First birth of its kind at Lumberton hospital in 22 years

Amanda L. Crabtree

Amanda L. Crabtree is the Public Relations coordinator for Southeastern Health.

Amanda L. Crabtree is the Public Relations coordinator for Southeastern Health.