Best Christmas fitness gifts 2021 edition

Kathy Hansen Contributing columnist


Health officials say that you only have to wear masks to go Christmas shopping this year but they lied! Apparently, you have to wear clothes as well….

For those of you who follow my column, you are probably wondering why I am sharing the gift shopping column pre-Thanksgiving. In light of the news on not being enough gifts to go around, stranded cargo ships and issues with the postal service, I thought it might be prudent for us to get started early. So to keep you from having to commandeer a boat and raid a cargo ship, I present the Best Christmas Fitness Gifts 2021 edition.

— “Oh my aching…”: Professional athletes and we mere mortals need to give some TLC to our muscles between workouts. New for 2021, check out the Theragun Prime. This handy, dandy massager can help you reach difficult spots and work on the trigger points that plague you. Theragun combines multi-levels of vibration as well as detachable heads to give your muscles what they need. They retail for about $299 on

— Fitness with Fido: If your fitness people prefer to get fit with their four-legged friend, then consider gifting a SparklyPets Handsfree Dog Leash. This bungee-type leash attaches at the waist and to their furry friend’s collar. This makes for a much more comfortable and safe running adventure. The Handsfree Dog Leash retails for about $20 at, you guessed it,

— Home Sweet Home: For the home exerciser on your list, gift them the P.Volve experience. The P.Volve essential kit retails for around $99, which includes equipment and access to their streaming workout programs. Visit for details.

— Keeping on Track: In the fitness tracker category, FitBit has a new device called the FitBit Sense Smartwatch. The Sense tracks your fitness and your wellness measuring steps, stairs climbed, sleep score and heart rate, plus stress, mindfulness and even your skin temperature. The Sense is available for just under $200 at

— Shoes: On Cloudflow sneakers have been popping up on the feet of my CrossFit friends and they love them. The Roger Federer-backed kicks are super cushioned and great for running or cross training. I am in the market for a pair myself so if anyone sees my daughters please drop a hint! They retail for around $140 on Zappo’s.

— Roll of The Dice: Looking for a great stocking stuffer? Look no further than SPRI Exercise Dice. The dice are labeled with exercises and number of repetitions, respectively. Roll the dice and find out the exercise and how many reps you need to perform. Great for working out alone on the gym or to challenge your workout buddy. They retail for around $16.99 but you may be able to catch them on sale on for around $10.

Other low-tech gifts for stocking stuffers are water bottles, cooling towels, and socks just to name a few. We fitness folks are really not very hard to please!

If you are shopping this weekend remember to be courteous and park as far away from the store as possible to get a little exercise in for yourself. Happy Shopping!

Kathy Hansen has more than 30 years of experience in the health and fitness field. She can be reached via e-mail at [email protected]