Newspaper seeks Matthew photos, stories

By: Staff Report

LUMBERTON — The Robesonian newspaper is planning a one-year anniversary magazine commemorating Hurricane Matthew’s Oct. 8, 2016, destruction and is asking the public’s help in making that happen.

The newspaper is especially interested in getting photographs from the day the hurricane struck and immediately afterward, said Donnie Douglas, editor of The Robesonian. The newspaper would prefer photos that have not been published. The ability of Robesonian staff members to get photographs in the aftermath of the storm was severely limited.

“As most people know, our office was destroyed by the hurricane and that included electronics, such as computers and cameras, and we also had several members of our newsroom who were in shelters or otherwise unable to help with immediate coverage of the storm, leaving us with essentially two or three people providing coverage, and one of those, me, was in Charlotte,” he said.

The newspaper is interested in any photographs that illustrate not only the destruction, but tell stories from the storm, including recovery efforts, such as remediation of homes, people being fed, people being assisted in shelters, etc. The newspaper cannot compensate for the photographs, but will provide photo credits in the publication.

Photographs, which must be of good quality, should be emailed to [email protected] and should be accompanied by a short narrative describing what the photograph depicts.

In addition, the newspaper is looking for compelling stories for its reporters to share in the edition. Anyone who believes he or she has a story of heroism, compassion, hardship, etc., that our readers might find of interest should provide a short narrative explaining why the story would be a good one to share with our readers. That narrative also should be sent to [email protected] and members of the newspaper’s editorial staff will select which ones they believe would be best to include in the magazine.

The deadline to submit photos and story ideas will be Aug. 31.

Staff Report