Business gets OK to add restaurant

By: By Tomeka Sinclair -

RED SPRINGS — The town Board of Commissioners on Tuesday approved a rezoning request that allows a local business to expand serve food and add parking.

At their regular monthly meeting, the commissioners approved rezoning El Paso Grocery, located at N.C. 71 and Shannon Road, from residential to general business, which the owner needs to add a restaurant and more parking spaces.

“What we don’t have is a lot of local entrepreneurs and the most we do have is from the Latino community,” Mayor John McNeill said.

The commissioners also approved a request to remove vacant positions at the Red Springs Police Department.

The department has a several positions it hasn’t been able to fill, Police Chief Ronnie Patterson said, including two vacant sergeant positions. Patterson said removing the openings gives young officers the opportunity to go to school and be promoted.

“It saves the town money and gives the opportunity for someone to move up,” McNeill said.

Chickens inside town limits and leash laws also were discussed Tuesday evening.

Fire Chief John Ammons proposed an ordinance to change the law regarding chickens being allowed with town limits. The law currently states that no chickens are allowed within town limits, but some people aren’t following that law, he said.

“There are at least 10-plus homes that have chickens,” Ammons said.

Ammons proposed the town allowing up to five chickens but prohibit raising them for commercial purposes.

Ammons also discussed the need for leash laws for dogs.

The commissioners agreed to discuss the proposed ordinance changes with the town attorney before putting them up for consideration at the next board meeting.

By Tomeka Sinclair