Rowland chief: Hotel shooting drug-related

ROWLAND — Rowland Police Chief John Reaves briefed the town commissioners during their meeting on Tuesday on a shooting that occurred Monday night at the Rowland Motel.

Officers responded Monday night to the sound of gunfire at the motel located at 502 S. Bond St. Reaves said that a small to midsize gray vehicle stopped at the hotel and someone inside began shooting repeatedly at a room at the motel. He said a parked vehicle on the grounds also was damaged.

“I’m almost definite it’s drug-related. I’m pretty sure the man staying in that room owed money to some people,” Reaves said.

Reaves said that no one was injured and police are still investigating.

“There’s not a lot of information to go on,” Reaves said. “They’ve gotten my attention though.”

Also at the meeting, Town Clerk David Townsend told the commissioners that the request to the Federal Emergency Management Agency for a wood debris grinding project is being considered and the town will continue taking bids from contractors.

After Hurricane Matthew, the town had limbs, branches, stumps and felled trees that need to be picked up and disposed of, according to Townsend.

On Sept. 16, the town asked FEMA to be reimbursed for money spent on the project.

In other business, the commissioners gave Reaves approval to change the requirements of officers having to live in Robeson County in order to take their police vehicle home.

“We finally filled all of our vacant positions but our two new officers are both from Scotland County,” Reaves said.

Reaves said that although the officers live in Scotland County, their drive home is shorter than some of his officers’ drive home who live in Lumberton.

“I don’t see any problem with it if it’s not that far,” said Marvin Shooter, mayor pro tem.

By Tomeka Sinclair

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