$7,500 match made for Stocking Fund

By: Staff Report

There is a singular gift to The Empty Stocking Fund today, for $50, but the news is 150 times better than that. Actually 300.

We will do the math.

Once again, an anonymous benefactor has agreed to do a $50 match for every gift of $50 or more, up until $7,500. This benefactor has made this gesture for more than a decade, beginning with a $5,000 match, and slowly adding to it.

To take full advantage of the benevolence, the fund needs 150 donations of $50 or more. So far this year, all three donations have been for at least that amount, adding 150 unreported dollars to the fund. So please, if you plan on giving, consider a gift in the amount of at least $50.

We are still waiting on DSS officials to tell us how many children have been deemed eligible to receive help from the fund, and when we know that we will decide whether each child will receive a $50 or $60 voucher.

Checks can be mailed to Empty Stocking Fund, 2175 Roberts Ave., Lumberton, N.C., 28358., or a donation can be delivered in person. As in the past, we will publish photographs with gifts of $500 or more when that request is made. To give yourself the best chance of that photograph appearing on page 1A, get your donation in early.

The vouchers can be redeemed at Roses, either the Lumberton store or the one in Fairmont. We will announce as soon as possible the number of children deemed eligible to receive vouchers.

Previous total ….. $600

3. In honor of Joyce and Gene Douglas, from the Owens family…. $50

New total ………………$650

Staff Report