Crime report

Officer Brian Hodge, of the Lumberton Police Department, reported Tuesday that someone busted the passenger window of a vehicle belonging to Jordan Smith, of Sunset Road in Lumberton, and stole items. Damage to the window was valued at $300. The officer was unable to list the stolen items because of the absence of the victim.

Geraldine Haynes, of Powell Street in Lumberton, reported Tuesday that someone stole four tires with chrome rims, valued at $4,000, from her backyard.

Thurman Brooks, of Edgewood Street in Lumberton, reported Friday that someone stole a chainsaw, valued at $350, from his storage building.

Levi Haywood, an employee at K&K Auto Sales, located at 820 Martin Luther King Drive in Lumberton, reported Tuesday that someone vandalized nine vehicles by slashing the tires and spray-painting them. An estimated $3,700 in damage was done to the vehicles.