Man faces felonies for distributing lewd photos

By: Staff report

RED SPRINGS — A Laurinburg man faces more than two dozen felony counts after lewd images of his former girlfriend were distributed over the internet, according to a Red Springs police captain.

Corey DeWayne Graham, 46, of 8181 Green Acres Road, Laurinburg, was arrested Tuesday for several computer-generated crimes, according to Capt. Kimothy Monroe. He was charged with one count of communicating threats and 27 felony counts of disclosing private images of an adult. His bond was set at $81,000.

Graham disseminated photos of his ex-girlfriend to 27 friends and co-workers through Facebook, instant messenger and email after the woman broke off their relationship, according to Monroe. Graham used an account formerly shared by him and the woman. He is accused of sharing lewd pictures with mutual friends, which constitutes a felony.

“This is not a joke as some people may believe,” Police Chief Ronnie Patterson said in a statement. “He has greatly embarrassed the victim, and anyone who commits this type of offense should be ashamed and will be held accountable to the highest level.”

Staff report