United Way seeks donations for coats, shoes to aid students

By: Staff report

LUMBERTON — The United Way of Robeson County is seeking donors to help provide coats and shoes for needy students.

“We were talking with school staff about needs throughout the school year that they traditionally have,” said Latricia Freeman, executive director of United Way. “Coats and shoes came up. Often times they have students that need shoes and coats when it gets cold. We always like to know the needs so we can partner with people or coordinate those services with the people who provide it.”

United Way is accepting donations through New Year’s Eve. The charitable agency is asking for money donations exclusively. The money will be used to buy the clothing that will be obtained through a voucher program with JC Penney in Biggs Park Mall, which is located at 2910 N. Elm St. in Lumberton.

Several businesses and schools in the community have committed to helping with the fundraiser.

Tanglewood Elementary School also raised money for the cause. The school set a $500 goal for its Candy Gram Fundraiser, which ended on Friday.

“How great that the parents in this neighborhood, this school, this precinct, said ‘let’s raise money and try to help other schools,’” Freeman said.

All donations will benefit Robeson County schools. The number of schools that receive help from the program depends on the amount of contributions received.

“We’re here to address the most pressing need in the community,” Freeman said. “We don’t want any kid going without coats or shoes. I’m sure a lot of them lost things like that because of the disaster last year.”

Anyone interested in donating to the fundraiser can contact Jordyn Roark at 910-739-4249.


Staff report