Crime report

Whitney Krische, of Cheryl Drive in Lumberton, reported Wednesday that someone busted the window out her car and stole a pocket knife, valued at $10, a Post Office mailbox key, and a Moana doll, valued at $30. Damage to the window was valued at $350.

Alexander Stanton, of Cox Road in Lumberton, reported Wednesday that someone stole his car and rims at a warehouse on West Fifth Street in Lumberton. The value and model of the car and rims were recorded as “unknown” on the incident report.

Victor Louis, of Franklin Avenue in Lumberton, reported Tuesday that someone broke into his car and stole a Galaxy s8 smart phone. The value was not listed on the incident report.

The following break-ins were reported Wednesday to the Robeson County Sheriff’s Office:

Kimberly Lambert, Wire Grass Road in Lumberton; Kenny Locklear, Jasper Drive in Shannon; Francine Scott, Rennert Road in Shannon; and Gwendolyn Vaught, Crystal Lane Road in Lumberton.