Robeson to dodge icy stuff, but get used to the cold

By: Staff report

LUMBERTON — Robeson County once again will duck some potentially dangerous weather, according to the National Weather Service.

The possibility of some freezing rain was in the overnight forecast Tuesday into Wednesday, but there were no problems, and tonight Bladen and Columbus counties could get hit.

But Carl Morgan, a forecaster with the National Weather Service, said Robeson County should be OK.

“We aren’t calling for anything Thursday night for Robeson County itself,” Morgan said. “Across Bladen and Columbus County there is a chance for freezing rain to develop.

“We are expecting all of that to remain east of Robeson County.”

But then he hedged his bet, recalling the risk of weather forecasting.

“The chance for freezing rain isn’t very far away so things do stand to change in the area,” Morgan said.

But this part of the forecast appears safe: It is going to remain cold through the rest of 2017 — and there is a chance of, dare we say it?, some fluffy stuff as the new year begins.

Although skies will be mostly clear today and Friday and through the weekend, temperatures during the day will struggle to get out of the 40s, and nighttime temperatures will dip into the 20s before reaching the teens on the first and second days of 2018.

And then perhaps some snow?

“There’s always a lot of uncertainty that far out but we are keeping an eye on a system on Sunday into Monday that could produce some snowflakes in the area,” Morgan said. “Confidence is still kind of low because it’s still so far out.”

Staff report