Rowland OKs contract for sewer work

By: By Tomeka Sinclair - Staff writer

ROWLAND — A contract that will continue the process of improving the town’s sewer system was approved Tuesday by the Board of Commissioners.

The $26,450 contract to perform an evaluation of the sewer system will go to LKC Associates, of Southern Pines. The money will come from a state grant, which was awarded in 2016. The assessment should be completed by the end of the year, Town Clerk David Townsend said.

“This is the second phase of this project,” Townsend said.

The first phase was for the Lumber River Council of Government, which has been assisting the town, to gather and prepare information for base maps of the town’s sanitary sewer system, he said. As the background data is collected, the next step would be to hire a consulting engineer to analyze the information collected by LKC Associates.

The LKC engineers will begin videotaping and smoking the sewers to learn where the problems are and make a final report, which will be the project’s final phase.

The commissioners also approved a motion that would guarantee two recently hired employees can continue working for the town. The town had been working with LRCOG through a Federal Emergency Management Agency grant to hire employees who would help with administrative duties. FEMA cut funding for the employees before the Christmas break because of the need to respond to natural disasters around the United States.

Townsend proposed allowing the two employees to be staff members while the town waits for a funding decision by the federal government.

Rowland Police Chief John Reaves briefed the commissioners on problems with police vehicles.

Multiple cars need new motors, he said. The county has agreed to assist with installing the motors and it will cost about $700 for each vehicle.

In other business:

— The Public Works Department reported there were no major problems with pipes during this past week’s low temperatures. Mayor Michelle Shooter told board members that people whose pipes did burst during the winter storm can bring a plumber’s report to Town Hall and the town will assist them with their water bill.

— Commissioner Marvin Shooter suggested that the town clerk and board members address issues related to an electronic welcome sign. Shooter said the town raised $25,000 to have the sign installed, but it hasn’t been working. The sign belongs to the Public Schools of Robeson County.

“Wouldn’t it have been nice to look at that sign last week and see it read the temperature was 14 degrees?” Commissioner Shooter said.

— Townsend assured board members that he will make contact with the contractors who were hired to grind felled tree limbs and stumps left behind by Hurricane Matthew. In December the board awarded the contract to Shavender Trucking. The contractors had told town leaders they could begin work after Christmas, but he was not expecting them to take so long to begin, Townsend said.

By Tomeka Sinclair

Staff writer

Tomeka Sinclair can be reached at 910-416-5865 or [email protected]

Tomeka Sinclair can be reached at 910-416-5865 or [email protected]