Man faces manslaughter charge in 2017 shooting death

By: Annick Joseph - Staff writer

LUMBERTON — A Lumberton man has been arrested and charged in connection with a shooting death that occurred six months ago at a video gaming business.

Clark Emery Seymour, 39, of 262 Odum Road, Lumberton, was arrested Feb. 26 and charged with voluntary manslaughter in the death of Daniel Lee Hammonds, according to Maj. Anthony Thompson, of the Robeson County Sheriff’s Office. Seymour was taken to the Robeson County jail and placed under a $25,000 secured bond. He obtained a court-appointed attorney and was released on bail.

Seymour was working as a security guard at N.C. 72 West Game Room, located at 4556 N.C. 72 West in Lumberton, when Hammonds was shot and killed on Aug. 24. according to Thompson. Hammonds was at the business playing games on the video poker machines. At one point he got up from the machines and followed three people who appeared to be with him outside the business.

Hammonds came back inside and said he was going to put his last $5 in a machine and see if “he hits it big,” according to Thompson. Hammonds then pushed Seymour out of his way and went into the business’ office. Once in the office, Hammonds grabbed the female in the office and pushed her out of the office.

Hammonds grabbed the money bag out of the drawer where it is normally kept, according to Thompson. Seymour pulled out his firearm and started screaming at Hammonds to put the bag down and stop. Hammonds and Seymour started to fight, and Seymour shot Hammonds until he ran out of bullets. Hammonds continued to fight and Seymour hit him in the head.

Hammonds fell to the floor, and Seymour went into the office and grabbed the firearm stored there just in case Hammonds got back up, according to Thompson. But Hammonds was already dead from his injuries.

Annick Joseph

Staff writer