Red Springs drainage fix plan too costly

By: By Brandon Tester - Staff writer
David Ashburn

RED SPRINGS — The Red Springs Board of Commissioners on Tuesday learned that two proposed fixes for issues with the town’s drainage ditch near Layton and Thurlow streets were not affordable.

The elevation difference between the ditch and the lake it drains into isn’t steep enough to allow the water to flow efficiently. The ditch and the areas around it have been flooding during heavy rainfall.

Town Manager David Ashburn brought the proposals to the board in February. One option involved the installation of a pump station to facilitate the flow to the lake, and the other involved channeling it down the Old Maxton Highway and into the same lake.

Ashburn on Tuesday said that the estimates were more than $1 million for each project, exceeding the available $340,000 hazard mitigation grant. Both options were dismissed.

Ashburn recommended that the town take steps to improve the storm drains and sewer system in the area. He suggested purchasing a truck for $200,000 that would include an extensive hose system to be used for cleaning out storm drains.

The truck would enable consistent maintenance of drainage systems around the town.

“We’re not only going to maintain Thurlow, we’re going to maintain the city much better,” Ashburn said.

The board discussed whether to purchase the truck new or used, but Ashburn said a new vehicle is the best option because it would come with a warranty.

No action was taken.

Ashburn also suggested using money from the town electrical fund to pave Thurlow Street. He said the project will be eligible for a $129,525 reimbursement from FEMA.

In other business, the board:

— Witnessed the swearing in of Heather Hunt, the town’s finance director. Mayor Edward Henderson was sworn in as the town’s representative for the North Carolina Eastern Municipal Power Agency. District Judge Herbert Richardson conducted both ceremonies.

— Received an update on the installation of a retaining wall at the town’s waste treatment plant. Ashburn said the contractor working on the wall hit a water line during the construction process. The contractor agreed to repair the damage and upgrade the water line at no cost, while the town would continue to provide manpower for the project.

— Voted to approve the purchase of an alarm system for $825 to be installed at the new concession stand at Chavis and Locklear Park. The board also approved moving the building’s combined heating and air conditioning unit away from the concession stand’s window.

— Voted to installing Badger water meters. The new meters would not disrupt water service during the installation process and would provide greater accuracy than the current meters. The project’s overall cost is approximately $220,000, and would be funded partially by a transfer from the city’s electric fund.

David Ashburn Ashburn

By Brandon Tester

Staff writer

Reach Brandon Tester at 910-816-1989 or [email protected]

Reach Brandon Tester at 910-816-1989 or [email protected]