Shooting competition at events center

By: David Bradley - Staff Writer

LUMBERTON — A touch of the Wild West is coming to the Southeastern North Carolina Agricultural Events Center this weekend in the form of a horse-mounted shooting event.

Competitors will manuever their horses in set patterns on Saturday and Sunday, trying to beat the clock while shooting balloons. The cowboy mounted shooting competition will be from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. each day. It is free and open to the public.

No live rounds will be used in the competition. The rounds are “certified,” meaning there is nothing coming out of the barrel beyond 20 feet from the weapons.

The sport has 77 patterns that are used in tournaments. Each competitor learns the different setups, and trains their horses to work with them. A horse must first be “gun-broke” so they will not react badly to gunfire.

Participants range from below 12 through adults. Those under the age of 12 may be led by their parents around the ring, or given guns without any rounds. After the age of 12, competitors are allowed to run in one of the standard six levels of competition, depending on skill level.

Each competitor carries two guns with five rounds each on the course. Each gun is to destroy five balloons. Missed balloons and gates add penalty times to the final time on the course.

David Bradley

Staff Writer

Reach David Bradley at 910-416-5182 or [email protected]

Reach David Bradley at 910-416-5182 or [email protected]