LUMBERTON — The crowded cat population at the Robeson County Humane Society has been eased thanks to area residents responding to the director’s call for a need to find homes for the felines.

The Humane Society had more cats the first week of June than there was room for. That’s when Director Bill Cerase reached out through the local news media to the people of Robeson County for help and homes.

His story has caused an upswing in cat adoptions at the Humane Society on West Fifth Street. This has created space for more cats in need of shelter, care and homes.

“We’ve adopted out four of the 11 cats that we had when the article came out,” Cerase said.

Some of the newly adopted cats had been at the Humane Society for more than a year, he said. Mickey arrived about the time Hurricane Matthew struck in October 2016. Zevon had been at the shelter for one year.

The movement of cats from their cages into new homes creates space for more cats at the no-kill shelter.

“We’ll be able to move more cats out of the isolation area,” Cerase said.

The isolation area is where new animals are tested and vaccinated before being released into the adoption area.

“The response was great, and allowed us to let people know what we do and how to get healthy and well-socialized cats,” Cerase said. “It let people know what they have in the Humane Society.”

By David Bradley

Staff writer

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