Local man loses 2 family members in 6 months

FAIRMONT — 2018 has been a year of deep, personal tragedy for a family with deep roots in this community.

Ricky Campbell, 58, of Fairmont, buried his former wife and mother of his two children on Jan. 12. Now he must bury his son, who died June 30 from injuries suffered in a traffic accident in California. His son, Jason Bullock, was a father, Navy veteran and owned a successful recording studio in San Diego.

“He is out there. Us being here, it’s making things tough to organize. My son’s wish was to be cremated,” Campbell said. “It is tough. My former wife and I were really close. We promised we would always have a good relationship for the kids.

“She was on her way to bring a gift to my mother when she was involved in an accident,” Campbell added. “Now, my son. A parent shouldn’t have to bury their child.”

Bullock, 38, who grew up in Fairmont, was killed when his 2007 Harley-Davidson motorcycle struck a female motorist on a highway in San Diego, said Officer Jake Sanchaz, a spokesman for the California Highway Patrol.

“She was partially in her vehicle when the motorcycle collided into both, the car and the woman,” Sanchaz said. “She had major injuries to her legs and was taken to the hospital.”

A female driver, whose name is not being released at this time, reportedly crossed several lanes and crashed into the center divider, Sanchaz said. A good Samaritan stopped to help the driver of the blue Honda out of the wreckage. Then, for reasons unknown, the driver returned to her car and was hit by Bullock.

Bullock was taken to Scripps Mercy Hospital in San Diego, where he later died, Sanchaz said.

“We are looking at her sobriety leading up to the accident that killed Mr. Bullock,” Sanchaz said. “This is a very open investigation.”

Bullock attended elementary, middle and high school in Fairmont, Campbell said. He then attended North Carolina A&T State University for about a 1 1/2 years.

“He walked by a Navy recruiter, and that was it. He was gone,” Campbell said. “He said, ‘Dad, I am about to be deployed. I signed up to do a job and that is what I am going to do.’ I knew that day he was a man. I was so proud of him.”

Bullock served in the Navy for 13 years and was stationed in San Diego. His passion for music led to an undergraduate degree in audio engineering from Full Sail University in Florida.

“In fact he was in the process of going back to get his master’s, also in audio engineer,” Campbell said.

Bullock and his two daughters, ages 8 and 14, lived in San Diego, Campbell said.

Bullock created a successful studio, which he named after his girls, that attracted top recording artists, Campbell said.

Cierra Campbell, 22, is Bullock’s sister. Their relationship was just flourishing, she said.

“He would always say it’s time to build that bond, we are not getting any younger. We were just getting good,” she said. “He didn’t care about what people thought. He was self-assured and a confident person. I will miss him so much.”

Campbell, Cierra and other family members will begin the journey to San Diego on July 16, Campbell said. The trip is expected to take about three days.

“It will be a wonderful road trip,” Campbell said. “He will be laid to rest in full military honor.”

The service will take place at Bayview Memorial Chapel in San Diego on July 20. Bullock will then be laid to rest at Merimar National Cemetery, also in San Diego.

“He loved his life, he was a happy-go-lucky kinda of guy. He was always smiling. His smile was one of a kind,” Campbell said. “He was an outgoing man with a vision in music. That was his passion, music and motorcycles. He died doing what he loved to do, and he loved that Harley. I will miss him. I can’t call him. I can’t talk to him anymore.”

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Ricky Campbell holds a photo of Jason Bullock, his only son, who died June 30 in a traffic accident in California. Campbell holds a photo of Jason Bullock, his only son, who died June 30 in a traffic accident in California.
Two members die in 6 months

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