Crime report

Charles Brown Jr. reported to the Lumberton Police Department that someone stole a phone from a business located on Fayetteville Road. The estimated value of the phone was not listed on the report.

The following incidents of breaking and entering were reported to the Robeson County Sheriff’s Office:

Center Presbyterian Church, Oxendine School Road, Maxton; Mia Chavis, Ward Road Rowland; Adell Locklear, Onnie Joe Road, Maxton; Mallorie Dial, Eddie Sampson Road, Lumberton; Jimmie Locklear, Oakgrove Church Road, Lumberton; Teresa Covington, Woodridge Drive, Lumberton; Shena Solomon, North Chicken Road, Lumberton; Gary Calloway, Redmond Road, Pembroke.

The following incidents of larceny were reported to the Robeson County Sheriff’s Office:

Brandy Locklear, W D Locklear Road, Lumberton; Janet Gallagher, Pinto Drive, Lumberton; Tristan Bullard, McGirt Road, Maxton; Heather Oxendine, Ruby Road, Rowland; Lance Jacobs, Red Hill Road, Maxton; Wilton Herring, Sibley Road, Lumberton; and Rachel Locklear, Evergreen Church Road, Pembroke.