Rabies vaccination clinics set for August

PEMBROKE — Pet owners can get rabies shots for their furry friends at a discounted price in August.

The five veterinarian hospitals that make up the Veterinary Medical Association will rotate throughout 32 Robeson County Fire Departments to give rabies shots to dogs and cats Aug. 20-24. The clinics will be 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. each day.

Financial support from the Robeson County Board of Commissioners has made it possible to offer the vaccine for $5 instead of normal $10.

Rabies is an acute infection of the brain that is usually transmitted to people via a bite by a rabid animal. According to information provided by the county Veterinary Medical Association, there have been several reported cases of rabies in Robeson County in less than one year, with adjoining Cumberland County reporting cases of rabies in double-digits this year.

State law requires all pet dogs, cats and ferrets be vaccinated against rabies by 4 months of age.

The day and fire department locations of the upcoming clinics are as follows:

— Aug. 20; Saddletree, Red Springs, St. Pauls, Rowland, Pembroke City and Sterlings.

— Aug. 21; Fairmont City, Parkton, Burnt Swamp-Philadelphus, Prospect, Smyrna, Rennert and Raft Swamp.

— Aug. 22; Fairmont Rural, Lumber Bridge, Lumberton Central, Deep Branch, Big Marsh and North Wood.

— Aug. 23; Shannon, Britts, Whitehouse, Pembroke Rural, Smith, East Howellsville and Gaddyville.

— Aug. 24; Allenton, Queheel, Raynham-McDonald, Evans Crossroads, Orrum and Pine Terrace.

The Spay and Neuter Improves Pets program is scheduled for Sept. 4 to Sept. 15. The five animal hospitals will offer discounted spay and neuter procedures for dogs and cats.

The program’s primary objective is to decrease the number of free roaming and unwanted litters, and prevent pet overpopulation.

Pet owners must schedule appointments with one of the five animal hospitals in Robeson County. The hospitals offering the discounts are Pembroke Veterinary Hospital, 910-521-3431; Southeastern Veterinary Hospital, 910-739-9411; North Star Veterinary Hospital, 910-858-2525; Baird’s Animal Hospital, 910-739-4998; and South Robeson Veterinary Clinic, 910-628-7178.

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