Filing begins Monday for tribal elections

PEMBROKE — The filing period for the November tribal elections begins on Monday and continues until Sept. 7.

During the Nov. 13 election, tribal members will elect a chairman and seven representatives from various districts.

Filing can be done from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. each weekday at the Elections Office, which is located at 707 Union Chapel Road. The cost to file for chairman is $500, and for a seat on the Tribal Council the cost is $200.

Tribal Chairman Harvey Godwin already has announced he will be seeking a second term. Three of the seven council members cannot seek re-election because they have served two terms and the tribal constitution prevents a third consecutive term.

The other seats up for election and the current representatives are:

— District 1, Rowland, Gaddy, Orrum, Sterlings, White House, Thompson, Lakeisha Swett. Swett is eligible for a second term.

— District 4, Red Springs and Philadelphus, Jonathan Locklear. Locklear is not eligible for re-election as he is in his second term.

— District 5, Oxendine and Prospect, Bobby D. Oxendine. Oxendine is not eligible for re-election.

— District 7, South Pembroke and Union, Reginald Oxendine. He is eligible for re-election.

— District 9, Saddletree, Anita H. Blanks. She is not eligible for re-election.

— District 10, Rennert, Shannon and South St. Pauls, Robin Locklear. She is eligible for re-election.

— District 14, East Howellsville and Wisharts, Barbara Lowery. She is eligible for re-election.

There is no early voting, and winners are decided by a plurality. A coin flip determines the winner in the event of a tie.

Absentee ballots can be requested starting Sept. 17 and ending Oct. 12. On Oct. 12 the tribal rolls close for this election.

For information, call the Elections Office at 910-374-6290.