State board now has Campbell’s report

By: Staff report

LUMBERTON — The State Board of Elections and Ethics Enforcement records show that John Campbell filed his first- and second-quarter campaign finance reports on Aug. 24.

The records show that the reports from his campaign to represent District 13 of the N.C. Senate were hand-delivered on Aug. 24. Campbell, a Democrat and a member of the Robeson County school board, is seeking to unseat Republican incumbent Danny Britt Jr.

The first quarter report was due to the State Board on April 30. The second-quarter report was due July 11.

As a result, the state board sent out a notice of noncompliance to the Campbell campaign on Aug. 31. The notice states that the first-quarter report has not been received. It further states that if the report is not received within 20 days after the date of the notice that the campaign will be sent a Notice of Termination, which means the campaign will be ineligible to receive or make contributions until the delinquent report is filed and any penalty incurred is paid.

State board policy and state law dictate that the noncompliance notice be sent out because the report was late, regardless of the fact that the report was filed.

Also on Aug. 31, the state board sent the Campbell campaign a Notice of Penalty Assessment for failure to file the first-quarter report. The penalty is $50 a day, with a cap of $500. Failure to pay the penalty will result in the campaign being deemed ineligible to receive or make contributions until the penalty is paid and the delinquent report is filed.

The failure by Campbell’s campaign to file the first-quarter report prompted the filing on Sept. 4 of a complaint with the State Board of Elections and Ethics Enforcement. The complaint was filed by the state Republican Party.

“The complaint alleges Campbell has continued to raise funds and purchase campaign materials while failing to disclose his donors and who he’s paying for political services. Campbell’s social media accounts show him attending fundraisers and an examination of other Democrats’ campaign finance reports show contributions to Campbell’s campaign committee,” a statement from the state Republican Party reads in part.

Campbell says the report was filed late because his treasurer quit and he was forced to find someone to help him file the report.

“It was not an effort to evade. It was just circumstances that happened,” Campbell said Friday.


Staff report