Forum to address church shootings

By: Staff report

LUMBERTON — The issue of active shooters in houses of worship has touched Robeson County in the form of a forum on how to prevent such a tragedy.

The Prevention and Response to the Active Shooter in Houses of Worship Robeson County Forum has been scheduled for 6 to 8 p.m. Jan. 23 in Robeson Community College’s A.D. Lewis Auditorium. Sheriff Burnis Wilkins is the event organizer, and the Robeson County Sheriff’s Office will conduct the training.

Church leadership, security teams, and people who have a carry-concealed-weapons permit or are seeking apermit are invited to attend. Attendees will receive instruction on the laws regarding a CCW permit, how to set up security teams, and how to conduct in-house security assessments. Handout material will be distributed to attendees.

“In light of the recent shooting in Texas, we feel it necessary to inform our residents on how to protect themselves especially in houses of worship where some will use the vulnerability of what is presumed to be unarmed church attendees to wreak havoc,” Wilkins said.

Robeson Community College is located at 5160 Fayetteville Road in Lumberton.

Staff report