Forgive our tardiness, patience please

Denise Ward

We at The Robesonian would like to apologize to our subscribers who in recent days may have experienced delays in receiving their newspaper. We are working hard to minimize these delays, but some newspapers may continue to arrive later than usual for a couple more weeks.

We have recently had a delivery route restructure in anticipation of The Robesonian becoming a morning newspaper. A definite date has not been established, but sometime soon your newspaper will be delivered in the morning. Otherwise the newspaper will be substantially the same, the only difference is that you will receive your local news several hours earlier.

As many of you know, our newspaper office at 2175 Roberts Ave. was flooded by Hurricane Matthew, making it uninhabitable and destroying almost everything inside. Although we plan on returning to that office, we don’t have a date of occupancy. For your convenience, we have a trailer set up at that location for placement of Classifieds ads, subscriptions and payments. Our News, Display Advertising and Circulation departments are operating out of a temporary office in downtown Lumberton, at 325 E. Fourth St. We realize that this has made it difficult for our subscribers, advertisers and people who want to submit information for publication to communicate with us, and it has also challenged communications within our own internal departments.

To help simplify contacting us, please refer to the following numbers: Advertising, Brittney Woodell, 910-416-5868: Circulation, Doris Bonds or a district manager, 910-416-5668; and News, Editor Donnie Douglas, 910-416-5649.

The Robesonian is in a period of transition, working to reinforce our commitment to continuing to be your best source of community news in Robeson County, and getting that news to you as quickly as possible, both in print and online at

We thank you again for your patience as we continue that pursuit.

Denise Ward


Denise Ward Ward