Brandt picked for space advisory board

By: Staff Report

TEMPE, Ariz. — The director of the Robeson Planetarium and Science Center has been selected to serve on a board that will help shape space exploration education, according to information from Arizona State University.

Ken Brandt is one of 14 educators from 17 states who will comprise the Education Advisory Board. Most are educators in middle school and high school. The board also includes educators from museums, after-school programs, and science centers. Almost all members have more than 10 years of teaching experience.

The panel, which will serve through October 2018, will evaluate and review Infiniscope products and provide essential feedback on story boards and lessons to ensure its success.

Infiniscope was born after ASU received a $10.18 million grant from NASA’s Science Mission Directorate Education Community in 2016 to develop next-generation digital learning experiences that incorporate NASA science content. Within the first year of this grant, the ASU team launched Infiniscope, which provides a virtual space to connect learners and educators with cutting edge space exploration experiences, making the vastness of space and space exploration inviting, accessible, and interactive.

“The Infiniscope Education Advisory Board members are an essential part of the success of Infiniscope, providing immediate feedback on how the experiences will work in both traditional and non-traditional settings,” said Ariel Anbar, principal investigator of Infiniscope and astrobiology professor at ASU’s School of Earth and Space Exploration.

Board members were selected through a competitive process. Candidates were required to be educators and members of the Infiniscope teaching network. They also needed to be dedicated to improving the quality of education products and willing to inspire their community to participate in the educational opportunities.

“They are the boots on the ground, ensuring what we build is relevant to today’s learners,” said Jessica Swann, Infiniscope community manager.

Staff Report