Teachers honored for perfect attendance

By: Staff report

LUMBERTON — One-hundred-eighty educators from the Public Schools of Robeson County were recognized in March for their perfect attendance on the job during the second nine weeks of the school year.

The recognition is part of a new incentive program by the school district administration, school board and the county commissioners. Each teacher with perfect attendance received a $5 gift card and five teachers received a $25 gift card and a certificate. The names of those five teachers were randomly drawn at the March school board meeting.

Those five teachers are Christi Locklear, Prospect Elementary; Alanna McLellan-Hall, Fairmont High School; Iner Bullard, Purnell Swett High School; Sandra Clements, W.H. Knuckles Elementary; and James White, Fairmont High School.

The program will be held four times during this school year.

Staff report