Early college prepared Chavis for academic challenges

Robeson Community College increasingly has been serving high school students for several years now.

Robeson Early College High School, which has established itself as a high-performing component of the Public School of Robeson County, is located on RCC’s campus and all early high school students take college classes through RCC. Most earn associate degrees in the same year that they earn their high school diplomas.

Additionally, many students in other area high schools take college classes with RCC through a program known as Career and College Promise. These classes, available to all area high school students, are offered in the students’ home schools, on the RCC campus, and online.

Many area students have used the Early College and the Career and College Promise programs as a stepping stone to further their education at one of North Carolina’s notable state universities. Two Early College graduates are currently enrolled at New York University in New York City.

Nicholas Chavis is entering his junior year at N.C. State University this fall. He is majoring in sports management and minoring in business administration and is on track to graduate in May 2020. Chavis is the son of Lumbee Guaranty Bank CEO Kyle Chavis and Resia Chavis.

It is through his relationship with his mother that Chavis’ story diverges from those of most other RCC graduates who have gone on to four-year universities. The Chavises chose to home-school Nicholas and his sister Drew, so Resia served as their teacher for most of their lives.

As home-schoolers, the family saw the opportunity that dual enrollment through Robeson Community College offered on two fronts. First, Nicholas was able to earn 20 college credits while he was still pursuing his high school studies. He also was able to do so at very little cost because high school students are not charged tuition, whether they are traditional high school students, Early College students, or as in Nicholas’ case, home-schooled students. This applies to any student who is considered to still be in high school.

Nicholas cites his parents as role models.

Of his father he said, “He taught, and is still teaching me, how to work hard and chase after my goals. He is one of the hardest working people I know.”

When asked about his mother, Nicholas said, “Not only did she bear the responsibility of teaching me all throughout my home-school career, but she has also been a strong moral support system for me as well. She is my biggest cheerleader, and I cannot thank her enough for believing in me when no one else would.”

Nicholas also credits the instructors and his experience at RCC for his success at NCSU. He took two classes at RCC with writing instructor Wendy Fields.

“I was well-prepared to write papers at N.C. State after I took both of her classes,” Nicholas said.

Chavis is laudatory of his RCC experience as a whole.

He said it “is an excellent place where kids who are planning to enroll or transfer to a larger university can go to get a taste of what a college classroom will be like. This includes how lectures are typically laid out, how homework is assigned, and how to interact with a professor.”

Nicholas plans to pursue an MBA upon completing his undergraduate degree and would like to work in operations or venue management. He said his dream is to “one day become the venue manager of either the PNC arena in Raleigh or Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte.”

The faculty and staff at Robeson Community College encourage you to pursue your dreams by furthering your education with us.

Nicholas Chavis says he was well-prepared for N.C. State through taking classes as an early high school student at Robeson Community College. Chavis says he was well-prepared for N.C. State through taking classes as an early high school student at Robeson Community College.

Dennis Watts

Contributing columnist

Dennis Watts is the Public Information officer for Robeson Community College.