Fundraiser set to better prepare students for SAT

RED SPRINGS — A day that will include a 5K, bake sale and a dinner dance will raise money to help Red Springs High School teachers better prepare their students for the SAT.

The Scholastic Day Challenge fundraiser, hosted by the North Carolina Foundation for Public School Children and the Peterkin Law Firm in Red Springs, will be held on July 18 and will be

“Unfortunately in recent years, Robeson County has seen a decline in SAT scores among our students and we are well below the state average,” Caroline Sumpter, one of the event organizers, said. “Budget cuts have caused our schools to reduce the resources that are available for our students. We need to act.”

High school seniors in Robeson County scored an average 1,275 on the most recent SAT. Although the average rose 42 points, it is still below the state average of 1,483. Although the SAT is critical to college admission, only 33.5 percent of the county’s seniors took the test.

The SAT covers math, critical reading and writing. In the math portion, Robeson County seniors scored 68 points below the average. In critical reading and writing, seniors scored 73 and 67 points below average respectively.

At Red Springs High School, the average score for students was 1,165 — 318 points below the average North Carolina SAT score. The highest score possible is 2,400.

“I believe that by working together, the community teachers and businesses, we can all come closer to helping students broaden their horizons,” Sumpter said. “Let’s join hands with the goal of helping our youth obtain competitive scores on the SAT.”

For information, contact Sumpter at or call 910-728-4930.