Time for school board to reflect, do the right thing

To the Editor,

Presently in Robeson County, there is a huge imaginary wall which separates those who still abide by principles and ethics, and the ones who find them meaningless and unimportant. The current school board is sitting at a crossfire with two possible candidates, one with a proven record and the other with no experience.

The dilemma involves board members who are not effective, and are not sure of their duties or responsibilities; they are ineffective. Effective board members have a clear vision for all the schools in the county. These effective members clearly and consistently communicate their actions to the constituents in their community, always keeping the children at the highest priority. Great school board members work collaboratively as a team and can respectfully agree to disagree without forgetting to adhere to the stated vision. Effective board members regularly visit schools, observing what is taking place and maintaining good communication with teachers and principals.

Ineffective board members have personal agendas, often neglecting their duties and not upholding the oath they promised to abide by. The PSRC school board policy 2120 states the following in regards to the code of ethics for board members:

1. Render all decisions based on the available facts and independent judgment and refuse to surrender that judgment to individuals or special interest groups;

2. Model civility to students, employees and all elements of the community by encouraging the free expression of opinion by all board members and engaging in respectful dialogue with fellow board members on matters being considered by the board. Such as the hiring of the best person to lead our school system.

Our school system has been without an effective captain since our ineffective board members decided to toss our superintendent in January.

Dysfunctional school boards such as the one in Robeson County hurt the students, teachers, and staff across the county. Students suffer when politics becomes a priority.

Grow up, agree to disagree on certain issues, put the past behind us, move forward in the right direction. Our ancestors worked hard to establish schools so our children could be given the best education. Our children are are our future and they deserve the best we have to offer them. All eleven11 board members need to sit and ponder the actions and decisions they have made the past six months. They should reflect on the good, as well as the bad, and ask themselves: What must I do now to help guide the Public Schools of Robeson County on the right pathway to success.

Alexis Scott