The liberal link to Marxism

Robin Hayes, the chairman of the North Carolina Republican Party, was in Robeson County this week accompanied by Dr. Tim Daughtry, a clinical psychologist and author of the book, “Waking the Sleeping Giant.”

Dr. Daughtry’s academic research revealed how the left is infecting universities, media and strongly influencing the Democratic party with cultural Marxism.

The “Frankfurt School” in Europe was the birth of cultural Marxism, according to Daughtry. Most Democrats have no idea of its evolution.

Prominent Marxists like Georg Lukacs and Feliz Weil realized as early as the 1920s that communism was not possible until Western democracy and capitalism was destroyed. Until these guys, classical Marxist thought involved economic methods to effect change. Oppressed workers were pitted against ruling class oppressors. But it wasn’t working.

What they realized was that Western democracy was held together by Judeo Christian values. So, they implemented a new Marxist theory based on “cultural terrorism,” which is their description, not Dr. Daughtry’s. The goal was to target the minds of children and later society that would lead them to eventually reject Christian ethics. Their approach was immersion rather than conversion. Marxists knew they needed to first control culture rather than simply the next election, thereby converting minds then votes.

Once the family unit, Christian/American values and oppressive Western culture were eroded, then government controlled programs could take their place with a gradual march from socialism to communism.

Hungarians were outraged by Lukacs’ programs that taught loose sexual content to young children, so he fled Hungary. He and Weil set up shop in Frankfurt, Germany, which became known as the Frankfurt School. In 1934, the school emerged at Columbia University, where it began exerting these ideas on American culture.

Freedom of speech, separating church and state, family units and gender roles were among American ideals they began to address. The new model called for splitting society into victims against villains rather than the old theory of working class against ruling class. Frankfurt School members like Herbert Marcuse felt classical Marxism could be replaced by a victim coalition of minorities, women and the LGBT community under this new plan.

By the 1960s, these ideas gained traction in universities. Whether willingly or unwittingly, the Democratic Party soon adopted much of their methodology.

President Obama and Hillary Clinton certainly made no secret they admired neo-Marxist Saul Alinsky, making his ideas more palatable to Democrats. Old school Democrats like John F. Kennedy would have balked at these ideas.

Today, right is wrong and wrong is right. Political correctness and sensitivity is rampant. Anti-fascists say they are fighting fascism using violent fascist tactics. Every word is scrutinized and criticized. Liberal intolerance abounds.

Like a virus, Frankfurt methods are attacking American culture by controlling pillars of thought like universities, information by controlling media and distribution by infiltrating Democratic platforms.

Media is largely controlled by cultural Marxists. Did you know NC Tourism reached a record $22.9 billion, rising sharply after the HB2 bill according to the NC Secretary of Commerce? You thought NC lost tourism because of HB2, because of media misinformation. By controlling young minds, information and a political delivery system they infiltrate culture. And controlling culture beats strategy every time.

Conservatives need new approaches to counter attacks on American values. Chairman Hayes was elected national chairman of all state chairs and brought Dr. Daughtry on board to educate operatives across the state, starting in Robeson.

The county has become Ground Zero and a barometer for the rest of the nation. So, Robeson was the first to begin a trial run of these training programs designed to educate political operatives.

Republicans, conservative Democrats and our unaffiliated brethren will learn together to fight the liberal intolerance the Frankfurt school created. And as scary neo-Marxist methods reach even our borders, operatives across the state are gearing up to continue the fight for liberty, which begins even here where Daughtry’s giant is awakening.

Phillip Stephens is chairman of the Robeson County Republican Party.

Phillip Stephens is chairman of the Robeson County Republican Party.