Lumbee should recall past when voting for their future

To the Editor,

As you prepare to vote for Lumbee Tribal Council, remember what you know.

Former tribal council members running to be seated again put the Tribe thru Lewin. They were asleep when Purnell and Rose were writing illegal contracts. They were seated when Paul Brooks was found in contempt of court and assaulted a tribal council member.

These folks cast votes without reading a contract or being abreast in general about what was going on.

They were determined by the federal government to be receiving unallowable stipends. Not only did the Lumbee people put money in 21 people’s pockets at $450 per month, but when the federal government required repayment, the Lumbee people had to give it back.

They spent so much money in travel that the federal government interceded and prescribed who could and could not travel.

The folks running today were on Tribal Council when I moved back home. You are gradually turning the clock back to 10 years ago.

These days, I have a different relationship with many of these people. Some are improvements, some are not. Some didn’t do much when they were in office for six years the first time. Some couldn’t think their way out of the rain. Some kept suitcases packed the entire six years.

I have actually witnessed a Tribal Council member falling down drunk in a parking lot of an out-of-town conference. We have had Tribal Council members who did not know how to read and write.

Some folks after their 6 years still haven’t stop serving the Lumbee. Some never began.

Eric R. Locklear