Industry’s rush for lunch caused wreck that killed 2

To the Editor,

On Halloween, which is supposed to be a joyful night for children, two children, 10-year-old Reanna Clark and her 7-year-old sister, Rakylah Clark, were taken from us in a horrific five-car accident on N.C. 20. We can’t imagine a time when we will strop grieving these children, including Reanna, who was born with Down’s syndrome.

The tragedy is greater because it did not have to happen.

Reanna, Rakylah, their cousin, 15-year-old Shania Currie, their aunt, Connie Lowery, and me, their mother, Lummie Clark, had just left a Halloween event at our church when our vehicle was hit head-on by an approaching vehicle that was hit from behind and forced into out lane. In addition to the deaths of our children, Shania and Connie, were severely injured and are still recovering.

The driver of the vehicle that hit us was taking a 30-minute lunch break at a nearby local industry and told investigators he was in a hurry to eat and return to work on time. During the rush, he caused an accident that took from us our only two children, and changed our lives for ever.

This letter is written with the hope and prayer that no one dies because someone is in a hurry because they get no more than 30 minutes for lunch, hardly enough time to go through a drive-thru at McDonald’s.

We hope this industry considers extending dinner time so that no one else has to die because of a mistake that could be easily avoided.

Robert Clark

Lummie Clark

St. Pauls