Siblings upset by criticism of UNCP’s use of Brayboy for honor

To the Editor,

This letter is in response to an earlier submission entitled “Descendent upset with name change for honor at UNCP”. Clearly, we neither embrace nor accept the “facts” as outlined in that letter; as they were “cherry picked” to accommodate the myopic and highly biased views of the writer. Yes, both facts and history do matter. However, those are seemingly the only two realities about which we and the writer concur related to this issue. That said, let’s discuss some additional important historical facts regarding the surname of Isaac Brayboy that might shed new light on a highly-divisive and shameful inter-family dispute that will likely never be fully reconciled among his descendants.

By way of background, the writer of the earlier submission utilized extremely questionable “official” data to support her faulty argument for the Braboy surname spelling. Any of her minimal number of cited sources could be readily countered or questioned by the far more voluminous amount of official documents that validate the spelling of the Brayboy surname, post 1850. Examples of such validated spellings are thusly: (1) the Official United States Censuses of 1860, 1870 and 1880 and (2) Isaac’s North Carolina Official Marriage Certificate Record of November 4, 1880. We could cite numerous additional sources, but space will not allow such citations to be included herein.

We do not think it would be a stretch to state that the numerous descendants of our great-great grandfather, Isaac Brayboy, are unanimous in our admiration for all that he did to advance the Lumbee cause. Therefore, it was truly an honor to be asked by the esteemed UNCP Chancellor, Dr.Robin G. Cummings, to participate in a unique project to honor our loved one. Dr. Cummings has enjoyed a lengthy and illustrious career in both the private and public sectors and he enjoys our full and unwavering support in his quest to move UNCP to greater heights.

Throughout our many recent conversations with Dr. Cummings, we were unanimous in our desire for the Brayboy surname to be displayed on the impending University mace in recognition of Isaac Brayboy. He was more than willing to comply with our wishes within the parameters of existing University policy; after all, we were the ones providing our share of the financial support for the initiative; and, we also had a preponderance of relevant historical facts to support our surname argument.

For the writer to blatantly suggest that our Chancellor is demonstratively ignorant about the history of the Lumbee people is an insulting accusation at the highest level; and we strongly believe that she should immediately, profusely and publicly offer him an apology. Indeed, why in the world would an individual who has chosen to change her maiden surname from Brayboy to Braveboy arrive at such an illogical and ill-founded conclusion about Chancellor Cummings, a fellow Lumbee, who has demonstrated so much compassion and dedication to his people in various capacities over the years? Go figure.

We’re truly ashamed and embarrassed by our sibling’s persistent and divisive behavior regarding this matter; as it only serves to bring shame to the Brayboy brand that we’d worked so diligently to build upon over the years. That notwithstanding, we look forward to attending the official dedication of the UNCP mace on November 17.

Bobby D. Brayboy


Isaac Timothy Brayboy,


Elaine Brayboy Haraway


L. Ray Brayboy

Myrtle Beach