UNCP athletics being used as vehicle to teach life’s lessons

To the Editor,

Along with my morning coffee today, the article in The Robesonian in the sports section written by Dick Christy warmed my heart. Being in education for 30 years I saw the benefits of strong athletic programs to help keep students on track academically, as well as making smart life choices.

UNCP has always understood this concept through the years, as so eloquently described in AD Christy’s article. Yes, the university is educating students to go out and be able to contribute to society financially, but more importantly at UNCP they educate students in life lessons, such as “life is not fair”, as this article described.

How wonderful in this day and age to know that in athletics at UNCP the students are not just prepared for winning, but more importantly prepared to be good citizens.

I applaud Dick Christy for this article, but more importantly for setting the example for his coaches about what is truly important. Success and life lessons start from the top.

Wandre Elkins

UNCP Class of 1970

Alumni Board Member

Braves Club Member