Doctor says county judicial system needs good polishing

To the Editor,

Being robbed in Robeson County has been an enlightening experience. The investigation and arrest of the suspect was far from any acceptable standard given that the Sheriff’s Office was handed all the needed information.

But if the Sheriff’s Office were incompetent, then what to say about the District Attorney’s Office? After two days off work to attend “court,” I can only shake my head in disbelief. I have had fewer than seven days off per year for the last 11 years and I have blown two this year. I have discussed the case with the district attorney, two assistant district attorneys running for the office, and multiple others to try and understand. I have left messages at the courthouse with no response.

Maybe I’m crazy, but one would expect some degree of respect in the community given my job as a heart surgeon. People have to trust that I can provide the care that they need or I’m out of a job, right? If I can’t pressure the Sheriff’s Office and District Attorney’s Office to provide closure in a cut-and-dry case, what chance does Joe the Plumber have? Are we to the point where these people can pick and choose who they want to prosecute or is the entire system a sham? You would not believe the number of people who have approached me since the last letter to the editor to describe similar circumstances in which an individual was caught “red handed” but was slapped on the wrist.

I spent almost an entire day at the courthouse with individuals with teardrop tattoos sitting in the courtroom giggling about how they got caught. There was no concern about going to jail or punishment. What message does this send to the criminal population? Why work a 40-hour week when you can sleep all day and spend your nights cruising the neighborhood to see what you want? It’s like the entire county is their “Walmart” with no registers. Is this the justice that the citizens of this county who work and pay taxes deserve?

Elections are coming and it’s time to send a message to the would-be sheriff and district attorney that the tarnished badge needs to be polished. It will take alot of polish.

Terry Lowry