Pray for and be thankful for all law enforcement officers

To the Editor,

As a retired highway patrolman, I would like to ask everyone to remember the officers who were shot recently in South Carolina and remember them and their families in your prayers.

I would also like to thank all first responders and all retired and active law enforcement officers for their service and sacrifice, their bravery and commitment to duty. Retired law enforcement officers, thank you still for what you do, maybe it is mentoring, encouraging, supporting or training them. Active law enforcement officers, continued thanks for watching over us.

Please remember to always watch out for each other and make a vow to yourself and brother and sister law enforcement officers to never hurt another officer by thought, word or deed. We have enough enemies; we don’t need any from within our ranks. Remember we may wear different uniforms and the badges and patches may be different, but we all face the same fears, the same risks and fight the same evil.

Stay safe and alert; if you stay ready then you don’t have to get ready. If you fall and you may, try to fall on your back so you will be looking up, because if you are looking up, you can get up. I love and respect all of you and pray you all return home safely.

Mike Humphrey