Graham’s death inspires fond memories of his mom and dad

To the Editor,

As I think about the void that the death of the Rev. Billy Graham has left in our world, I can not help but remember my days as a student at Queens College, now Queens University, in Charlotte.

Queens is a Presbyterian school and the students were required to attend church on Sunday morning. People from the community lined the street in front of Burwell Hall to pick up them up. My roommate and I had a couple who came for us every Sunday. They were Billy Graham’s mom and dad. They were lovely people and we so enjoyed their company.

I tell you this to remind all of us that true love and caring for others plus living a Christian life comes from home and our training. As we face the world we are sure that in some way Billy Graham and his family have touched all of us.

The Graham homeplace and dairy were in the southern part of what is now the city of Charlotte near the SouthPark area

Mary Bruce Grantham