Time to fix water plant and wall, two downtown eyesores

To the Editor,

Driving through Lumberton Downtown is a real treat until you hit two eyesores. The courthouse, the downtown plaza (soon to be refurbished again), the beloved old fire house/with public toilets, and a lot of other improvements are all great. Oh yes, the old jail is gone and there is the exciting new traffic circle.

But bam, the old water plant on land given by the McNeil family and the horrible wall on Second Street directly across from the many improvements. The wall could be 100 percent improved with two coats of paint of the right color.

What about the water plant? Give it to Lumbee Tribal Council for an American Indian Museum restored with a government grant, create a museum and art museum, a restaurant, the old water tank could be easily opened up with two windows and a door and some other improvements to be creative for a meeting hall. There is parking all over the place. With schools of architecture all around and students eager to earn a bonus for best idea/design, something good could happen to broken glass and weeds growing in a fenced-off parking lot in easy walking distance of downtown.

I just think these eyesores have been here so long that we have come to accept the wall and the water plant on Water Street. Georgetown has its developed water front and Lumberton has a pitiful dilapidated water

plant and wall.

I love Lumberton.

Seth F. Lewis