SRMC lauded for care to heart attack victim

To the Editor,

I want to give a shout-out to Dr. Zan Tyson and Dr. Skarate at Southeastern Regional Medical Center in Lumberton.

On the morning of Feb. 23, my husband, Gerald Haers, and I were driving home from our vacation in Florida. My husband began to experience symptoms of a heart attack and was taken to the Southeastern Regional Medical Center’s emergency room by ambulance. The staff at the facility, from the emergency room, the Intensive Care Unit, nurses and doctors were fabulous. I believe the Angels from Heaven brought us there that day.

I cannot say enough about the care that was received and the attention that was given to my husband and my family during our stay at your facility. All I can say is thank you and that doesn’t seem like enough. I will be eternally grateful for everything that was done to save my husband, my children’s father and the best grandfather there is to our wonderful five grandchildren. Because of all of you, we celebrated our 50th anniversary just this past Tuesday.

Lumberton should be honored to have such a great facility and wonderful people to care for you.

Joanne Haers

Phelps, N.Y.