Sheriff’s race should be about now, not then

To the Editor,

The race for Robeson County sheriff has become a gruesome and painful spectacle. Many events of the past have been pushed into the present with the assumption that human beings haven’t matured or grown in their humanity.

I very clearly hold people accountable for their current actions, but what happened 20 years ago may or may not be the character of a human being today. If an individual continues to demonstrate biases or misconduct then we are justified in concluding that the past is very much a part of the present.

There are five candidates for sheriff. I hope none of those candidates propose to come to this critical position in the county’s governance with prejudices or intent to harm innocents. I do hope all candidates intend to improve the quality of life for all people of Robeson County.

Let’s give hope a chance and consider all five candidates when entering the voting booth. Please don’t be forced or manipulated into casting a vote that you fear or you don’t want to cast. Vote your conscience and vote for the individual who you think will do the best job at bringing equity and rule of law to Robeson County.

I don’t have a dog in the Robeson County fight, but I have heard a lot of dogs barking. Remember that the day after the election, all dogs have to respect and operate under the will of the public. Let’s avoid actions before election day that will make life after election day intolerable and difficult for citizens.

We don’t get to go to different worlds after election day so let’s do our best to be civil, respectful and optimistic while deciding who will be the next sheriff of Robeson County.

Thank you to each candidate who is running and may the best individual for the job be given the chance to serve all of Robeson County.

Eric R. Locklear