Sheriff’s candidate distances himself from letter

To the Editor,

I am writing to clarify my position regarding a letter that wasdelivered door to door at many homes across Lumberton this past weekend. I learned of the letter after a copy was sent to me by a friend from Pembroke.

My friend took offense to it as it seemed to attempt to explain a racial divide in the upcoming elections. The contents seem to insinuate that a particular group of individuals from the west side of the county are in a tug of war for power with the east side of the county. The letter was in no way endorsed by me and I am in no way endorsing any candidate but rather running my own campaign for sheriff of Robeson County to represent all the citizens. Some are now using this letter as an attempt to sway voters away from my campaign even though I had absolutely nothing to do with it. There was a phone number at the bottom of the letter. I did a post on Facebook encouraging those that had questions to call it. I did and expressed my concerns with its release.

I have constantly defended myself from rumors and unsubstantiated accusations since filing for office of sheriff. It is time for our county to seek out the candidates based on their qualifications, certifications, education, experience, job knowledge and proven work history rather than who we went to school or church with or who we grew up with. This election is pivotal time in our history and will have an effect on us for decades.

I ask that you seek out the most qualified candidates for each seat in this county and not let anyone tell you who you must vote for. Voting is an individual freedom that our forefathers fought for us to utilize. Stand up to the challenge for positive change in Robeson County and vote.

Burnis Wilkins