Ex-SBI agent: Time to shed Tarnished Badge

To the Editor,

As a retired SBI agent, I would like to acknowledge that there are some truly great law enforcement officers in Robeson County. They all deserve a sheriff who will make them a better, greater organization.

I have known Burnis Wilkins for years. As a retired SBI agent with 25 years service, I have heard nothing bad about him. In fact, Burnis has always been above board in passing forward information on possible corruption he has seen in law enforcement to other agencies.

He retired with 30 years, with his latter days of his career working on a U.S. Marshal’s task force. To be on a this unit you have to pass a federal background check and have security clearance. If you have anything in your background, they will find it. Burnis had this clearance.

There are a lot of people running for sheriff in Robeson County. I’m sure there are some great candidates and some not so great. Some do have baggage. The main thing is to move past the Tarnished Badge times. There needs to be a complete separation from the Glenn Maynor times. Until that happens, there will be no federal asset forfeiture sharing in Robeson County.

Randy Johnson

Hope Mills