Ex-chief says Wilkins best choice for sheriff

To the Editor,

As a longtime police officer and former chief of the Lumberton Police Department, I have been privileged to know Burnis Wilkins for at least 30 years, including several years as his commanding officer.

Burnis is an intelligent and articulate law enforcement officer and outstanding individual who performs in a very professional manner every day. I have no doubt he is most qualified to be the next sheriff of Robeson County and that he would be representative of all the people of our county, giving 110 percent to bringing change for the betterment of all citizens.

I have never heard Burnis curse or use derogatory language toward anyone and I believe his record of accomplishments, experience and capabilities to get things done is indicative of his professionalism in law enforcement and leadership abilities.

I urge you to get out and vote and encourage others to vote and let’s get the best qualified candidates elected and do our part to make Robeson County a better place to live. May God bless you call.

Robert Grice

Retired LPD chief