Let’s keep county clean, and corruption free

To the Editor,

Robeson County has lost sight of the big picture. What are the goals this election? Are we trying to make history? Are we trying to better Robeson County? Are we trying to racially divide Robeson County?

By definition, a sheriff is an elected officer who is responsible for keeping the peace. Have we taken the time to talk with each candidate and see who is better qualified at doing the job of sheriff? Just look at all the bashing, lies, hatred and rumors. Are the candidates saying and doing these things, or having other people doing it? Step back and look and evaluate things.

By definition, a district attorney is for the people, a public official who acts as prosecutor for the state or the federal government. Who is the best man for the job? Do we need someone that can’t work with law enforcement or one that can’t get along with new sheriff? Do we need one that has special interest groups that person is in debt to?

Every candidate has been given the opportunity to present their platform. They have all stated that they have Robeson County and the citizens’ best interest at heart. Is it true or is it a lie? That’s what we need to ask ourselves.

If we elect a corrupt sheriff and a corrupt district attorney, then we get a corrupt county.

When this happens, Robeson County loses out on grants and assistance from the state and federal governments. Is that really what this county needs right now? We as citizens and taxpayers don’t deserve that. We have people that move away and people that will not move here because of the corruption and crime.

We need to make this county one again. Please do your research before you cast your vote. We say keep Robeson clean and green. What about keeping the county corruption free and clean?

Jason Oxendine