Career Center aids with skills, finding job

To the Editor,

Have you found yourself unemployed due to a termination or a layoff? Or, maybe you are ready to make a career change.

The Robeson County NCWorks Career Center is prepared to connect qualified citizens in our area with jobs. We offer a variety of services to help meet your needs, such as skills assessment, job training, applying for financial aid, and veteran services. Our website,, offers individuals an opportunity to search and apply for jobs at your convenience. We proudly partner with local workforce partners, such as the Lumber River Workforce Development Board, Robeson Community College, and Vocational Rehabilitation to assist citizens of Robeson County.

I would also like to tell you about the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act, which offers tools available through the Career Center. A federally funded program to promote self-sufficiency, it supports individuals with training to build skills and enhance their resumes. The aim of WIOA is to address the employment and training needs of adults and dislocated workers and match individuals with employers. Locally, the program is funded by the Lumber River Workforce Development Board and operated by Two Hawk Workforce Services in partnership with the NCWorks Career Center. Career Center advisors provide career planning and counseling, basic skills assessment, resume writing, work-based learning opportunities, classroom training assistance, and job search/job placement assistance.

MJ Soffe, a local manufacturing company, partners with the NCWorks Career Center to utilize the WIOA program and to identify potential employees. The company is currently in need of individuals with sewing experience and if you are interested in a career you may contact our center for application assistance.

If you are having trouble finding solid employment and are willing to invest the time and effort to gain a new skill set that will lead to better career opportunities, you should contact our NCWorks Career Center, located at 289 Corporate Drive, Lumberton, or give us a call at 910-618-5500. You can also reach us on or follow our facebook page at

We look forward to assisting you.

Peggy Hunt Davis


NCWorks Career Center